Friday, October 14, 2016

What Are You Waiting For? Apply Now

United Healthcare International Limited - we are one of the leading and fast growing National Health Maintenance Organization
(HMO) in Nigeria, with branch network across 28 States of Nigeria.

United Healthcare International Limited (UHI) is inviting applications from innovative, versatile, and dynamic service oriented professionals to fill the vacant
position below:

Job Title: Utility Nurse
Location: Owerri, Minna, Sokoto, Lokoja, Kano,
Katsina, Bauchi, Yola

Job Responsibilities
• Handling clients inquiries through telephone and email to ensure effective management and
resolution of client’s complaints using available resources
• Document all calls and other information according to standard operating procedures.
• Organize and Perform providers’ visitation and effective utilization tracking
• Processing Hospital claims
• Provide Clients with products and service information update existing client information

Required Qualification, Experience and Skills
• B.Sc in Nursing, Registered RN/RM
• In depth knowledge of the Health insurance
• Working knowledge of the Microsoft Office suite
• Ability to understand and speak the local language fluently will be an added advantage.
• 1-3 Years working experience.
• Knowledge and experience of customer service management

Method of Application
Interested and qualified candidates should send their applications and CV's to
indicating the position applied for and the location as the subject of mail.

Closing Date: 25th October, 2016

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

>>Office Assistant In Gilead Pharmaceutical Company

Job Title: Office Assistant in Gilead
Pharmaceutical Company
Location: Lagos

• General reception duties. Return calls as appropriate usually on request.
• Maintain office filing and storage systems.
• Keep filing/document management system for electronic and paper documents organized.
• Monitor and order office supplies.
• Distribute/file all incoming mail.
• Data entry.
• Perform errands that assist daily functions.

Qualifications & Skills
• Good organizational skills and record keeping
• Cheerful presence and people skills.
• Good oral and written communication skills.
• Self starter who can work independently.
• Skill in establishing priorities and managing
• Ability to follow directions.
• Reports to Admin Manager
Method of Application
Interested and qualified candidates should
forward their CV's to:

• Only shortlisted applicants would be contacted
• Applicants who have applied for previous related openings need not apply as they will be considered alongside fresh applicants
Closing Date: 20th November, 2016

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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Attitude Saves The Name Not Arrogance.. Every Business Minded Must Read

Francis Vincent Donvin

What you about to read is worth more than $1000 because it can save you millions dollars but you are getting it for free because is coming from the desk of a top entrepreneur minded person Francis Vincent Donvin Isn't this beautiful?

Who is Francis Vincent Donvin?

Francis Donvin is a top Nigerian blogger. He is the CEO of Internet Cash Institute,  a platform created to teach you how you can make a living online and become your own
boss. And also Donvin.Com A personal website where he tutor about blogging and other Internet businesses.
He is Enterprising, creative and probably one of the most talented bloggers in the entertainment industry, Francis Donvin prides
as one of the most outstanding and very influential blogger Nigeria, and indeed Africa, has ever produced.

Ready to grab the message?.

Read on!

Attitude Saves The Name Not Arrogance..

Hey listen there! I am a business man and I understand businesses don't really go the way we want it all the times; sometimes we gain and sometimes we lose.

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As a business man, I do have partners and investors who put their money for higher return at the end, and also I do have customers who expected an outstanding service or product for their money.

When things goes wrong in a business, you ended in debt and your approach/attitude to it will save your name and integrity.

Last year till June this year, I was owing over N3.2 Million debt to friends, family and investors, and I am owing a single investor who never met me before N1.2Million (He
invested that huge money to someone he never met before and we still never meet till today).

For the period of over 6 months of owing these people, none of them come online to say I scam them or call me to pubic to ask for
their cash, but why?

I never lose contact with them, I talk to them almost all the time, I take out my time to call, chat and speak to them about difficulties I am facing and the progress I am making in
making sure I pay them. They are happy I never stop taking to them and they respect me for that.

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Stop running away from people you are owing, stop telling them how bad things are around you but tell them how you are planning and working to pay them, tell them about new idea
you have that will work and make you be able to pay them the debt.

Every successful business men have one or two debts to clear, stop blocking people or shunning them because you are owing them.
You are owing them and they have the right to ask you about it and you are obliged to take to them every time they needed it.

Even when they threatened me to write about it on Facebook, all I tell them is "Sir, you think that will make me pay you the money? If I do have it, I will surely pay you but putting it to
public will only spoil my image and still at the end, I will pay you when I have it but how about the name you have tarnished, we have a long way to go together, so kindly be patience
with me".

Also because they are patient with you doesn't mean you should take them for granted, pay them immediately you have it.

Don't allow your name to come out to public in a bad way, cos you can't fix it no matter how little is the dent.

Learn to say sorry and explain how sorry you are to your customers or clients you made unhappy.

It will lead you far.

Mr Amodu: Now this is what I called maturity in business. Check your attitude and make amend.

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Friday, October 7, 2016

Picture Your Future Today And NOW.

"What the mind can conceive and consider it can achieve " NAPOLEAN HILLA

Continually picture achievement, irrespective of how badly matters seem to be going in the mean time.

If you can imagine it you can own it. If you can dream it you can grow to be it. If you can envision it, you can gain it, if you can photograph it you can obtain it.

A whole lot of people fail to understand their purpose in life due to the fact they fail to picture their future well. To prevail you should  continuously see yourself succeeding within the midst of hassle. Your capability to peer yourself attaining your goals. along with your inner eyes will create a strong preference to go all out to achieve face of impossibility. friends those who permit their hassle to forestall them from succeeding are people who in no way see themselves capable of making it. The best component that inspire and encourage you to constantly observe your goal is to maintain searching on the future. You must usually believe yourself engaging in your set goal. You should see it earlier than you may get it. it's said that, if you can see it you can get it.

NAPOLEON HILLS stated what a mind can conceived and believe it could gain it.

Arise and image yourself an achievement. it's feasible, your capacity to peer your self attaining your intention through your inner mind

eyes will pressure your preference to satisfy your purpose.. Start now, I mean now

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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Why Your Business Needs Online Marketing

Every business faces the challenge of
marketing their product or service to their potential market, this single challenge has been solved using different method; but today this post is going to focus on digital marketing and why your business needs online

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The distance between clients and
entrepreneurs is not as wide as it use to be in the past, thanks to the internet technology, even if this fact is not new to you, you will be surprise that many entrepreneurs aren’t
making proper use of the internet to market their product. But for us at entrepreneur creed, we don’t want you have the same kind of

Shortly, I will show you why your business needs online marketing, but before then; I will want you to answer this question.

Do you have a business that can leverage the online platform? Are you running a full time Internet business or is you business a full time offline
business? Any angle you put yourself the online platform has a space for you.

Remember you goal for venturing into online marketing is to create and awareness for your business and to make sales, always remember

5 Reasons your Business Needs Online Marketing

Now, lets get to the reason your business needs an online marketing strategy

1. Low Cost: Running advertisement on the internet is now as cheap as you can ever imagine, now it is easier for you to just wake make little cash payment and zoom you ad campaign is already reaching hundreds, thousands, even million. Using the social networks available and other notable ads platform like Google and rest is a good  chance of acquiring new customer with low budget.

2. Wider Coverage: I wont be wrong if I say the internet is everywhere, today with the introduction of smart phones , many people are directly or indirectly connected to the internet. So you have a wide coverage to get your product of services to; I hope you won’t miss out of the opportunity.

3. Ease of Control: Yes , ease of control. You are the controller of how you want your marketing to go on the internet, the reason is that you are going to deal with less human hand and more of automated machine.

4. Progress Tracking: Tracking your
marketing is now faster, easier and right at the touch of your finger tips. So, don’t let your business suffer because you have not engaged the online marketing platform for your business

5. Branding: Every business greatest desire is to become a brand that is reckoned with, and how can you do tat in this digital age without proper
implementation of the online marketing platform? certainly it will be difficult for any business to succeeded to and even become a brand without the internet. Do
you want your business to become a
brand? then its up to you to decide on
making the internet useful to your

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I am sure you may either have an online marketing strategy for your business already, keep it up and make the strategy work for your business. But, for you my humble reader who have not started using the internet to market your product or service; my advice to you is to get started immediately. All it will
take is you time and little sum of money. If you need help you can consult with those that are into digital marketing for business.

I hope you have seen enough reasons why your business needs online marketing, do you think I left some point that you feel should be among the reasons above ?

Then share it with us in the comment box below, other readers will benefit from you response.


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Monday, September 26, 2016

Best Tips On How To Successfully Plan Your Career

Life is step by step,and missing a step maybe difficult, one thing you should always bear in mind is that there is never a shortcut to success, when you want to achieve great
things in life, be ready to work for it, as you know that after graduation, students look for
various fields that are present, in which they can build a successful career.

Parents, friends and relatives also suggest career options
which they find interesting and fulfilling.

Nevertheless, it is important for students to choose the best option among them so that
they do not regret their decision later in life.

To have a successful career, it is necessary that you plan for it, so that you know where
you are currently standing and what you want to achieve after a particular time span.

Planning will help and improve you in presenting a clear idea about your goals and how you need to go about achieving them.

Here are a few tips that will help you in choosing the best career for people who have
recently completed their formal/University education and are ready to step into the
corporate world.


1. Time Management:
Time is a very important factor in our life and it should be valued, it is advised for you to
take time and plan your future,you should be serious if you really want to excel, Fix a time
when you will be able to concentrate only on it and nothing else should distract you. Make sure there is no disruption around when you
sit for planning. Treat your career planning schedule as you would treat a physician’s
appointment. It is not a one-time task and must be taken up from time to time, in order to review and revise the plan, if need be. Take time and make the best plan for your

2. Self Examination:
Most times we need to examine who we really
are! Do you know what I mean by self examination? Its simply means know your weakness and working on it, we all have areas that we are weak in our life, which we need to pay attention and much concentration by putting more effort to develop our weakness.

3. Choosing For Job Opportunity:
It is very important to note this point, do not make your goal difficult to achieve by choosing the career that’s going be difficult for you within your location, you simply need to
choose the best career that will suit your environment and also helps you in achieving a quick goal.

4. Choosing With Interest/Passion:
Most people make this mistake a lot without knowing that you have your own destiny, why
choosing a career that you never have passion for? Is it Because others are making it there?
That’s a mistake that can ruin your life, it may be easy at first but you have to know that the
end justifies the means, choose what you love doing.

5. Thorough Research:
Information is the key,you simply need to make a thorough research on your choosing career, read more about it, gather a lot of
information, ask questions,learn from experts in the field,and stay focused and updated.

6. Having A Mentor:
It just similar to what I said earlier, you need expert,someone that is really good in your career, someone that is trustworthy, Find someone who can be your mentor and guide
you in building a great career. A mentor can motivate you when you feel low and support
you at every step.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Place Of Information In Wealth Creation

Today we are going to learn the importance of information in wealth creation. Just read to your understanding.

A prosperous person is a well informed person in his field of endeavor. A lot of people that have vision to the top of the ladder came through information. Great men spend their time, money and energy in getting good and quality information.

By reading more books and articles like this very one, you become better informed and more of an expert on the topic you read about.

When you are well informed, people look unto you for solutions and answers. When you choose to read in your chosen career for a minimum of 45 minutes every day, your expert in that speciality will increase.

It is said that the best way to become an expert in your chosen field is to read more than 100 books on the same subject. Continue on that part for years and you will be amazed what you can achieve.

What you become tomorrow is as a result of the information you gather and believe on today. Information help to open your eyes to the whole world. It helps you to discover new things, it also one to enhance development. That is the more reason why many organizations spend much on staff training. You can not compare informed BUSINESS man to an uninformed business man.
Another thing about what information does is that it help someone to face adversity, in an attempt of being a winner when you read about other people in their trying time were still very successful. In most cases i discover their potential when I read autobiography of successful men in my field. It gives me more strength to go on the ladder.
REMEMBER You are a function of words heard or read and believe by you. What you become tomorrow depend on the word you believe about yourself.

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Reading improves your self_esteem and make your feelings about yourself get better. As you read more books you become better informed, and this makes you an answer to people questions. Information also improve your creativity. It helps you to produce creative Idea that will bring success.

Remember INFORMATION is power. Cultivate the habit of reading today and and a winner.

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Thursday, September 8, 2016

6 Refresher Courses Every Employee Should Take Each Year

I ran into this article writing by John Boitnott and I think it will be wise sharing it among you.

6 Refresher Courses Every Employee Should  Takeq Each Year

Businesses face a variety of challenges managing employees. With so many different personalities in one place, conflicts and issues
will inevitably arise. Often one of the best ways to minimize friction is to train each worker on appropriate and safe behavior.

Whether it’s avoiding a security issue or preventing a costly lawsuit, an investment in training can make a big difference.
Some lessons merit more than a one-time session, however. A brief refresher course each year could keep employers safe without requiring employees to sit through a full
training class again. Best of all, many of these classes can now be taken online, from the comfort of an employee’s cubicle.

Here are six courses that are well worth annual re-training.

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1. Workplace safety.
If your business operates in dangerous conditions, safety training is a crucial investment. Look for online courses specific to your industry, but these courses from the
National Safety Council could be a good place to start. Employers can reduce liability by putting processes in place that include regular safety training. In addition to requiring
employees to take these courses once a year, businesses should also consider training supervisors so that they can help keep workers safe.

2. Workplace harassment.
When an employee creates a hostile work environment , a business finds itself at risk. With workplace harassment training, a business reduces its liability by ensuring every
employee has been properly trained. In addition to sexual harassment training, workplace harassment courses focus on behaviors such as bullying and stereotyping.
NAVEX Global’s Workplace Harassment Training Online features one-hour and 30- minute courses for employees and one- and
two-hour trainings for managers.

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3. Title VI.
Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 directly addresses discrimination on the basis of race, color and national origin. There are multiple training resources available for managers and employees, including this training from the U.S. Department of Justice. Once employees
have completed basic training, you can focus on more specific areas such as hiring diverse candidates . Annual trainings will prevent
employers from singling out problem
employees, since everyone will receive the same training.

4. Cybersecurity.
Employees need proper training to keep a business’s technology systems safe.
Businesses can start with basic training from the Department of Homeland Security, then choose more specific training on a yearly
basis. A course on password security training could be beneficial one year, with a course on mobile device safety required of employees the
next year.

5. Regulatory compliance.
Different businesses have regulations specific to the work they do. Whether governed by laws or industry standards, compliance often
requires that every employee be trained. If you collect healthcare information on patients , credit card data from customers or some other
specific type of regulated data, you’ll likely find a course that fits. Once everyone has completed the initial training, check with your governing body to determine if new trainings
are available to catch employees up on any changes.

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6. Customer service skills.
Whether your employees deal with customers or clients, the ability to gracefully handle every interaction is essential to your business’s growth. Fortunately, there are numerous customer service training options
available to businesses. This gives you the option of offering different courses depending on the unique challenges your business is
facing during a specific period of time. offers free customer service courses and Dale Carnegie Training provides a series of live courses on specific topics.
Whenever issues seem to plague your customer service efforts, you’ll likely be able to find a course that matches.
Employee training is a handy way to keep a work environment conflict free while also reducing liability. With so many online training opportunities available, businesses can sign employees up for a course that they
can take at their desks whenever they have time.

Once a business has identified its
training needs, finding a course that fills those needs is usually as easy as an internet search.

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Friday, September 2, 2016

Nairapp Is The Best Alternative To AdSense.

What you are about to read is nothing but the real gist, but before I start it's assumed that not all us knows what nairapp is all about.

About nairapp
Nairapp is A Nigerian Ad network  that pays publishers up to N10-N11 per click and Impressions depending on Advertiser's Advert option.

Before now majority of us have doubt with our doubting Thomas mind on the ability of nairapp to function effectively.
But today they've proved us all wrong because nairapp is now the trending ad network online, and if you are yet to join the moving train I recommend you do so NOW.

Good question. I will be very brief in answering this question. All you need to qualify or to join this amazing ads programme is your website and then click HERE to register as a publisher.


Another good question. After you have successfully registered, then proceed to generate your ad code which can be banner or text, for your own good, I'll advice you use both for better results.

See the DEMO bellow



You will be paid N10-N11 per click and 25% and 75% of publishers and advertisers you referred respectively.

As human that we are, some of us required prove to believe anything.

Bellow is the prove of the amount earned and paid out.

Don't wait anymore, just register on nairapp and smile to your bank account.

You can use the comment box for any question or WhatsApp me on 08058882281 let us go together.

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Thursday, September 1, 2016

10 Most lucrative Online Business Niches In Nigeria

The start of a business depends on the niche or type of product that you will be selling.

A lot of new comers to the online business world find it difficult to choose the niche in which they would be pitching their online business.

When I started it was really tough for me to make the choice.
You may ask yourself, what is the most lucrative online business niche today?
Your answer will come shortly if you keep reading this article to the end.

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I will not assume that everyone reading this article understand what a niche really is? So in brief I will explain what a niche is.

A niche is a community of people who share the same ideology and interest. It is made up
of both your business and your costumers.
If you have a question you can share that in the comment box below this article.


1. Make money online
The make money online niche is niche that has attracted many people and also it will keep
attracting a lot of newbies coming online to start their own online business, the reason is because it somehow creates vibes in most new
The hit point here about the make money online niche, is that there are lots of unemployment and your ability to help people find something good to do online makes gives
you access to this niche.

2. Health
Health is an important part of life and people are looking for solutions online for some problems that they are passing through

3. Travel
Do you know that many people are searching the internet for ways and how they can travel
Starting an information blog on this niche will give you a lot of opportunity to make good
business online.

4. Freelance writing
We have so many areas in writing that you can choose and make good money from.
Depending on your interest and passion, you  can build great business around your writing
skill. For example blogging has a lot to do with writing than even selling any product.
Your skill will give you access into writing  books that will help people in some way.
So, take your pen and start writing.

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5. Entertainment
Life expected to be fun; this is the reason why  we all crave to be entertained. Building your blog around entertainment give you access to.  the ready market waiting for you to give the latest information in the entertainment the world. It could be in sport, music etc.

6. Technological Information:
Most questions typed on the Google’s search engine today have a relationship with technology.
People don’t normally get to know how to use most of the technological tools available to them. This can be your own place of business,
because you can give answers to problems of people thereby giving you access to make money by selling anything that truly gives
value to your readers.

7. Relationship
Life is all about relationship. We have all kind of relationship. But the one that I am referring to here is the romantic relationship. This is
the area that you can build a business blog around and make good money.
Remember, it is not all about the money; but it is about adding value to people

8. Inspirational
At some point in a person’s life, we all need some words from others that will encourage us to move on in life. This is the reason why I included it as niches that will give you access
to people who are in need some inspiration.
What you can sell in this niche depends on you.

9. Job
This niche explains itself. The rate at which people search for jobs today reveals that it is  an opportunity to create an information website/blog that will give the job seekers
information about latest jobs.

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10. Fashion
The rate at which people crave for fashion  today is a sign that it is and will remain a niche that will make great online business.
Why I believe this is because people will keep wearing cloths and fashion is not something. that is static, it is always in motion.
What you are going to sell in this niche depends on you.
You can make money in this niche.
Your niche will also determine the extent to which you are going to succeed, I mean in a
business sense.

Picking one or two of the above niches is the first step to success, if you work very hard to make it successful. Like I will keep saying to
my readers and myself, online business is not an easy business; you only have the freedom
of running your business at home or wherever you choose to run your business.

Do you know that the internet present us with a gold mine if opportunity to explore?
Start your own online business today and you will never regret that you did it.

If I did not include your most cherished niche, please do us a favor by sharing with us in the
discussion box below.

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