Monday, August 29, 2016

Everything You Need to Know About JobSearching in the Digital Age

Modern job seekers have their work cut out for them. Although it's easier than ever to find opportunities online, candidates must Wade through numerous job postings on multiple
sites and customize their application like to suit  each job. How your resume is built, the way you conduct yourself online and the way you
approach applying for jobs all affect the outcome.

From applying to jobs to following up after an interview, here's everything you need to know about successfully applying for a job in the digital age.

In this article …
1. Building your resume
2. Applying to jobs
3. Tracking your progress
4. Mistakes to avoid
5. More resources

Building your resume
The way you craft your resume for submission for an online application directly affects  whether it will make it past any applicant tracking system (ATS). These systems determine whether your application is seen by
a hiring manager or not.

According to Michael Krikheli, co-founder of ZipJob, the use of ATS software has risen dramatically over the last few years.

More  than 95 percent of large companies use an ATS, and the number of midsize companies
using ATS has increased to more than 50 percent.

Krikheli suggests crafting your resume to be  adjusted not just for the company, but also for
the applicant tracking systems. Here are a few  tips for the best chances for a follow-up:

Ensure you have the correct keywords  related to the position or industry.
Make sure that there are no grammatical or spelling errors. Microsoft Word is not enough to correct all your mistakes; send it
to a friend or a professional to review.
Send your resume in a .doc or .docx file.
"Your resume should be optimized for the ATS,  but keep in mind that someone will read the  resume once it gets through," Krikheli said.
"Ensure your resume is optimized for the As and is also easy to read and effective when a recruiter looks at it."

Ensuring you have a solid resume should be the first step, as this is the first impression you will make to the employer, Krikheli added.

When it comes to tailoring your resume, the first step is to thoroughly understand the job description, said Leah Paul, director of marketing at Mediabistro .

"Figure out what the most important skills are for the job and reorganize your resume to highlight those accomplishments in your
experience first," Paul said. "You want to use the keywords used in the job description, but
not verbatim."

According to Paul, there's no need to list all your accomplishments in each position if they’re not relevant. Any "soft skills" or  secondary accomplishments that are useful
but not priorities for the role can be listed toward the bottom in a separately labeled
section, she said.

Applying to jobs
The use of online recruiting tools and
technology has increased dramatically over
the last few years. The near-endless options of websites and apps to use emphasize the importance of correctly doing so.

While there are multiple places to which you can apply, like LinkedIn, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Mediabistro, etc., candidates should first go
directly to companies they're interested in.

Check those companies' career sites and follow them on social media channels, Paul suggests. In addition to a presence on LinkedIn, most big companies have dedicated recruiting accounts on Twitter or Facebook
that post job openings.

"Lots of smaller companies and startups might not have a careers page or even a dedicated recruiting team, so an alternative is
to go to your favorite job board and set up a job alert," Paul said. "If you don’t have any target companies, but know what you want to be doing, conduct your searches on keywords
and phrases that speak to the responsibilities  you hope to have in your next role. Or search
for the qualifications you have."
Tracking your progress. It's easy to get lost in the mix when you're
applying. Firing off multiple emails a day without actually keeping track of your activity can mean a lost opportunity to follow up. To
combat this, if you see a position that's listed on a job board, create an account with that
[job board] to keep track of the jobs that you've applied to.

"If you’re applying via multiple sites, a good filing system is needed. I used to use a spreadsheet that kept track of the job title, company, link to the job posting and date I applied," Paul said. "Too often, the job posting would be taken down by the time the
interview rolled around, and I didn't have the description to reference anymore."

So be sure to be cognizant of the description for a better follow-up, should the opportunity
present itself.

Following up
Once you’ve submitted your application, you.  can use sites like LinkedIn or face-to-face
networking events to build your professional network.
Paul suggests that you network with someone at the company to get yourself noticed and to
give yourself a better chance for a follow-up.

"Don't try to get your application in via back channels before you’ve formally applied. Apply first, then try to get a leg up via your network," she said. "A simple note from an
employee to the hiring manager or recruiter stating that they’d like to refer an acquaintance who has submitted an application is the best way to get your resume looked at. In those cases, even if you’re not
selected, they will follow up with you or the referring employee, so you’ll get your chance to find out your status either way."

Mistakes to avoid
Like any skill, applying to jobs takes time and comes with a learning curve. Mistakes will be made. However, it's prudent to learn the best practices when you're submitting an application. You want to always come off as professional and avoid making common
mistakes, which can often make you look unprofessional.

According to Paul, job seekers most often make these mistakes while applying online: Edit your work. To avoid typos, be sure to
spellcheck you work and have a second pair of eyes on anything you plan to submit. Be. careful not to use language that's inappropriate or too casual. Those mistakes, specifically, will ruin any chances you have of
making a good first impression.

Not reading the entire job posting. It is very common to just focus on the bulleted lists of responsibilities and qualifications, but the other details that are provided in the job description are important. Often, this is where specific instructions for applying will be mentioned.

Having a less-than-perfect online presence in addition to your resume and cover letter, your  online presence needs to be pruned before you  apply anywhere. This is especially true on LinkedIn, but also on any other platforms where you have profiles (Facebook, Twitter,
etc.). Or Nairapp If your resume does get noticed, the first thing a recruiter or hiring manager will do is Google you and look you up on social media.

Focusing too much on the job title. A manager at one company is a specialist at another. Job
seekers should focus on the responsibilities of the role to determine if it’s the right level for
their expertise and career goals, because you could be missing out on other opportunities that are perfect, but are just not labeled as
you’d think.

Regardless of what you want to do, you should sit down and make a list of goals you would like to achieve, with an emphasis on what makes you happy, writes Catherine Fisher for LinkedIn . Include all of your goals, both big and small. If you need ideas for work goals, search on LinkedIn for people in the companies or industries you're interested in to
identify the skills you need to grow in your career, as well as the various career path others have taken — that you can take, too.

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Sunday, August 28, 2016

7 Steps To Write A Perfect Business Plan

Every business needs to have a written business plan. Whether it’s to provide direction or attract investors, a business plan is vital for the success for your organization.

But, how do you write a business plan? recommends that a business plan includes

* Executive summary - a snapshot of your business.

* Company description - describes what you do.

* Market analysis - research on your industry,. market, and competitors.

* Organization and management - your business and management structure.

* Service or product - the products or services you’re offering.

* Marketing and sales - how you’ll market your business and your sales strategy.

* Funding request - how much money you’ll need for next 3 to 5 years.

* Financial projections - supply information like balance sheets.

* Appendix- an optional section that includes résumés and permits.

However, getting started can be difficult to do. So, here’s a seven steps in writing a perfect business plan .

1. Research.
“Research and analyze your product, your market and your objective expertise,” writes Bill Pirraglia, a former senior financial and management executive. “Consider spending twice as much time researching, evaluating and thinking as you spend actually writing the
business plan.”

“To write the perfect plan, you must know your company, your product, your competition and the market intimately.”

In other words, it’s your responsibility to know everything you can about your business and the industry that you’re entering. Read
everything you can about your industry and talk to your audience.

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2. Determine the purpose of your plan. A business plan, as defined by Entrepreneur, is a “written document describing the nature of the business, the sales and marketing strategy, and the financial background, and
containing a projected profit and loss
statement.” However, your business plan can serve several different purposes.

As Entrepreneur notes, it’s “also a road map that provides directions so a business can plan its future and helps it avoid bumps in the
road.” That’s important to keep in mind if you’re self-funding or bootstrapping your business. But, if you want to attract investors,
then your plan will have a different purpose and you’ll have to write your plan that targets them so it will have to be as clear and concise as possible. When you define your plan, make sure you have defined these goals personally as well.

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3. Create a company profile.
Your company profile includes the history of your organization, what products or services you offer, your target market and audience, your resources, how you’re going to solve a problem, and what makes your business unique.
Company profiles are often found on the company’s official website and are used to attract possible customers and talent.

However, your profile can be used to describe your company in your business plan. It’s not only an essential component of your business plan, it’s also one of the first written parts of the plan.
Having your profile in place makes this step a whole lot easier to compose.


4. Document all aspects of your business.
Investors want to make sure that your business is going to make them money.
Because of this expectation, investors want to know everything about your business. To help
with this process, document everything from your expenses, cash flow, and industry projections. Also don’t forget seemingly minor details like your location strategy and
licensing agreements.

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5. Have a strategic marketing plan in place. A great business plan will include a strategic and aggressive marketing plan. This
typically includes achieving marketing objectives like;
Introduce new products
Extend or regain market for existing product Enter new territories for the company Boost sales in a particular product, market or price range. Where will this business come
from? Be specific.

Cross-sell (or bundle) one product with another Enter into long-term contracts with desirable
clients Raise prices without cutting into sales figures Refine a product
Have a content marketing strategy
Enhance manufacturing/product delivery
“Each marketing objective should have several goals (subsets of objectives) and tactics for
achieving those goals,” states Entrepreneur.

“In the objectives section of your marketing plan, you focus on the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ of the marketing tasks for the year ahead. In the
implementation section, you focus on the practical, sweat-and-calluses areas of who, where, when and how. This is life in the marketing trenches.” Of course, achieving marketing objectives will have costs. “Your marketing plan needs to have a section in which you allocate budgets for each activity planned.” It would be beneficial for you to create separate budgets for for internal hours (staff time) and external
costs (out-of-pocket expenses).

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6. Make it adaptable based on your audience.
“The potential readers of a business plan are a varied bunch, ranging from bankers and venture capitalists to employees,” States Entrepreneur.
“Although this is a diverse
group, it is a finite one. And each type of reader does have certain typical interests. If you know these interests up front, you can be sure to take them into account when preparing
a plan for that particular audience.”
For example, bankers will be more interested in balance sheets and cash-flow statements, while venture capitalists are looking at the
basic business concept and your management team.

The manager on your team, however,
will be using the plan to “remind themselves of objectives.”
Because of this, make sure that your plan can be modified depending on the audience reading your plan. However, keep these alterations limited from one plan to another.

This means when sharing financial projections, keep that data the same across the board.

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7. Explain why you care.
Whether you’re sharing your plan with an investor, customer, or team member, your plan needs to show that you’re passionate, dedicated, and actually care about your
business and the plan. You could discuss the mistakes that you've learned, the problems that you’re hoping to solve, listing your
values, and what makes you stand out from the competition.

By explaining why you care about your business creates an emotional connection with others so that they’ll support your organization going forward.

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Best Hosting Company For Your Online Business

. Are looking for where to host your business website? Hostvow is the right place.

What is website hosting?.

A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web. Web hosts are
companies that provide space on a server owned or leased for use by clients, as well as providing Internet connectivity, typically in a data center . You can visit for more

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Banks paid N33.8tn in seven months – NBS

A total of 463.1 million financial transactions worth N33.87trn were settled by the banking sector between January and July this year,
figures released by the National Bureau of Statistics have revealed.

The NBS stated this in a report on the
electronic payment channels in the banking sector for the first seven months of this year, which was released on Sunday.

In the report, the NBS stated that the Nigeria Interbank Settlement Instant Payment System, with a total amount of N19.33tn, accounted
for the highest settlement made by banks.

This was followed by the Nigeria Electronic Fund Transfer with N7.67tn, while payment through cheques and Automated Teller
Machines followed with N3.3tn and N2.59tn, respectively.

Others are payments through Point of Sales Terminal, N367m; Internet/web payments, N67m; mobile payments, N381m; and electronic bills payments, N171m.

A month by month breakdown of the
payments showed that the sums of N339.2bn and N350.1bn were paid through ATMs in January and February, while  N380.6bn,N381.6bn, N382.3bn,N370.5bn and N394.3bn were paid in March, April, May,
June and July, respectively.

For cheque transactions, the report said the N3.3trrn were paid as follows: January, N465.5bn; February, N501.1bn; March, N487.5bn; April, N472.4bn; May, N480.4bn; June,N488.6bn; and July, N436bn The Bankers Committee had on Tuesday, after its 328th meeting, said that the banking sector would from October this year begin a
sensitisation awareness campaign to inform bank customers of the benefits of electronic banking, as well as other banking services.

The committee made up of Chief Executive Officers of all the Deposit Money Banks in Nigeria said it had decided to use the opportunity of the World Savings Day to sensitise Nigerians to the benefits of savings.


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See Important Reasons Why You Should Invest.

This article is very short anyway but very important in the life of an entrepreneur.

One of the most compelling reasons for you to invest is the prospect of not having to work all your entire life!

Bottom line, there are only two
ways to make money: by working and/or by having your assets work for you.

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If you keep your money in your back pocket instead of investing it, your money doesn't work for you and you will never have more money than what you save. By investing your
money, you are getting your money to generate more money by earning interest on what you put away or by buying and selling assets that increase in value.

It really doesn't matter how you do it. Whether you invest in stocks , bonds , mutual funds, options and futures, precious metals , real estate , your own small business , or any
combination thereof, the objective is the same: to make investments that will generate more cash for you in the future. As they say, "Money
isn't everything, but happiness alone can't keep out the rain."

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Whether your goal is to send your kids to college or to retire on a yacht in the Mediterranean, investing is essential to getting you where you want to be.

Hope this article help change your mindset!

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The Basic Tools For Your Freelance Writing Business

Building your freelance business needs great tools in order to give you real good freedom to work and make the kind of success you so desire?
But, do you really know the basic tools that you need for your freelance business?

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The 12 tools below are basic tools that you really need for your success; though you may not use some of the tools for now if you are just starting out.

Remember that you are not just a freelance writer but an entrepreneur.

1. Laptop; Laptop is a necessity for you if you are really going to success as a freelance writer. You can get a good for self.

2. Email: Your channel of communication must be intact; hence you need a valid and working
email address.

3. Phone: A necessity for your communication with your clients

4. A blog: This is you marketing tool, most good client will want to see proof of your worth; with a blog you can easily gain more confidence with your client. And if you have a successful blog it will add more spice your success as clients will give their vote of trust without doubt.

5. Basic Knowledge on Some SEO Tools: I know you don’t need basic knowledge on SEO for your entire project, but if you do it will really boost your ability to understand the
interaction between the search engines, internet surfers and the blogs and website on the internet. With a full grasp of this you will
really add to your trust bank. Remember, you might do jobs that relate to web content which
is why I said earlier running a blog will give you a better chance in understanding how the SEO works.

6. Note Book Note books are needed for you offline work

7. Access to the Internet you cannot run an efficient freelance writing
business without connecting to the internet.
Why is that so? You are going to work projects that you sometimes have to run some research in order to come up with good content for the books and articles. Let it sink
into your mind that you need access to the internet.

8. Business Card: you may think it is not necessary to have you own business card. But, you will have more advantage if you have one because you client might really take you as a professional freelance writer. Though you may not meet
one on one with all you clients, I am just saying if there is any need to meet one on one, you should exchange your business

9. Identity Card: The use of identity card comes to play when you are going to meet your client face to face.
It really commands respect if you go with your id.

10. Printer: having a printer is not a necessity, but it will aid you work if you have one. You may need it
sometimes. It is a matter of choice.

11. Power Source you may not border on this if you have constant power supply, but if you are having time sharing in power supply, it might do you good if you have an alternative power supply.
The core reason is because you are going to work with deadlines and if you really want to succeed, then you must try by all means to beat the deadlines attached to any project you
are handling; that comes to having a good power source.

12. Payment System how do you receive your payment, If you don’t
have a bank account; and for international client, you can use other good payment system
to get your money.

You can >> Check The Procedure In Starting An Enterprise

Please take note, you may not have the whole list if you are just starting your freelance writing business, but as you start getting really good project, you can upgrade to the
level of income.

The list above assumes that you already have a place to use as an office; it could be your home or an actual office.
Treat your freelance writing as a business and you will see great success coming your way

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Monday, August 22, 2016

Busnews: FBN Capital To Boost Investment Banking

FBN Capital Limited says it is committed to the growth of the Nigerian economy and will continue to boost investment banking in the

The lender said it would raise the bar of investment financing by rending sound professional services. The banker stated this after it received
accolades from The Banker, Global Finance and EMEA Finance Achievement Awards.?

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FBN Capital, the investment banking and asset management subsidiary of FBN Holdings Plc, was recognised for consistent and outstanding performance by three financial
awards institutions.

The firm emerged as the winner of the ‘Best Refinancing in Africa’ at the EMEAFinance Achievement Awards; the “Deal of the Year Africa” at The Banker Awards; and the “Most
Innovative Bank in Africa’ by Global Finance Awards.

Reacting to the development, the Director and Head, Debt Solutions, FBN Capital, Mr. Patrick
Mgbenwelu, was quoted as saying, “These awards reaffirm our ability to remain at the forefront of structuring and closing innovative financing solutions within the African
Investment Banking industry. We are pleased to have upheld the trust our clients placed in FBN Capital to assist in heading, structuring
and arranging the Accugas IV financing, and our team remains committed to launching similar robustly structured financings in the
local market.”

The investment bank said it was also awarded “Best Investment Bank in Nigeria’ by Global Finance Magazine for the fifth consecutive year.

The Head, Marketing and Corporate
Communications, FBN Capital, Lolade Sasore, while commenting on the award, said, “We are honored to receive the recognition as an
acknowledgement of the high standards we deliver for our clients whom we truly see as partners.

“As a member of the FBN Holdings Group, FBN Capital is committed to raising the bar much higher and offering our clients the most innovative solutions, demonstrating unrivaled market expertise and reliable business values.

She added, “Providing sound professional advice and execution capabilities in supporting the financing, investing, trading,
securing and advisory needs of our clients is our singular focus, and our partners remain confident that they can rely on us to look beyond today and create opportunities for
their tomorrow.”

EMEA Finance is a bi-monthly global industry publication that reports on the major financial events and happenings initiated and
influenced by the international financial industry in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The Banker, a part of the Financial Times Group, has been providing global financial intelligence since 1926 and for the annual award, one winning bank is selected for each
of the 120 countries judged.

The Global Finance Awards uses a series of criteria including market share, number and size of deals, service and advice, structuring
capabilities, and distribution network, according to the group.


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Fresh loan: FG doles out N50bn to 35 states

The Federal Government has begun the disbursement of the first tranche of the N90bn conditional loan facility to some of the 35 states that have so far applied for the loan.

The Minister of Finance, Mrs Kemi Adeosun, had on June 14, while announcing the N90bn conditional loan facility to states, said the
funds had been secured from the private sector to state governments through the issuance of bonds in the bond market.

She had during a meeting with commissioners of finance from the 36 states of the federation said the loan would be given within a one year period.

The minister had explained that based on the agreement with the governors of the state's and the commissioners of finance, N50bn
would be released within the first three months where each of the 36 states would get about N1.3bn.

Thereafter, she noted that N40bn would be released over a nine-month period as the second tranche through the bond market where each state would received the sum of

Investigations by our correspondent on Saturday in Abuja showed that the ministry of finance had commenced the disbursement from the first tranche of N50bn to some of the
35 states that applied.

It was gathered that Lagos State opted out from accessing the loan and as such did not send in any application.

A top government official, who spoke in confidence, told our correspondent that the precarious situation that most of the state's found themselves which had made it impossible for them to pay workers’ salaries
made the ministry of finance to start releasing the funds at the end of June.

The official said, “The disbursement of the budget support facility to states has started.
Disbursement started in June and has been made to some of the 35 states that applied.
Only one state which is Lagos State did not apply for the loan.

“Why we started in June was because of the precarious situation in which many of the states found themselves. There have been
complaints about non-payment of salaries and there is no way we can just sit back and watch while workers continue to suffer.

“We have started monitoring the states based on the milestones that they are to achieve before further disbursements would be made.
You know that there were conditions that were given to them before they could get more money.

“As soon as any state meets its threshold, that state would get additional funding but any state that fails to meet up with its agreed
milestone will not get further disbursement.

When contacted, the Media Adviser to the Minister of Finance, Mr Festus Akanbi, confirmed that the disbursement of the loan to
the states had started.

He, however, said while 35 states applied for the loan, the ministry had commenced the disbursement to only some of them.
He, however, could not provide the number of states that have so far been given the loan.

He said, “35 states applied for the loan and disbursement commenced in June but I don't have the total number of the states that have
benefitted now.”

Some of the conditions attached to the loans are that a restriction would be placed on states borrowing from commercial banks; that all states must publish their financial
statements, budgets and the quarterly budget performance; that states’ finances would no longer be shrouded in secrecy and items like
security vote, feeding, travel among others would be made visible.

Other conditions are that states would review obsolete revenue laws and tariffs; and redefine
Internally Generated Revenue to include non-tax revenue sources that will reflect local opportunities in each state especially in solid

In the same vein, the states have been directed to set target limits for recurrent to capital expenditure; set target for personnel costs as percentage of total budget; clean up
their payroll by eliminating ghost workers as well as set up Efficiency Unit to reduce cost of governance.

Akanbi had last week told our correspondent that disbursement would not be made to any
state in any month that the Federation Account Allocation Committee distributes over
N500bn among the three tiers of government.

He had said once the monthly distributable revenue is up to the threshold of N500bn, the
amount that would be available to each state government in that month would be enough to run its programme.


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UEC College: Building Ethical Leaders

Ultimate Educational Concept (UEC College) is a co-educational day and boarding school that is dedicated to developing leaders and bringing out the best in every student, every

We envision College as an engine of learning dedicated to the advancement of society through the development of highly- skilled, ethical future leaders.

In UEC College, we strongly believe that the economic prosperity of any nation, the quality of life of its people and the development of a society that is just and equitable for all depend critically on the quality of education of its citizens; which is  why we offer effective and all-round education - geared towards producing the highly skilled leaders, professionals and informed citizens who will power and change the country.

All students are equipped without exception with the confidence and
competence to build a better tomorrow for themselves and to play leadership roles in building a more vibrant society.

We provide high quality education in a safe and nurturing learning environment with modern facilities that stimulate each student
and the larger society.

UEC College is a value-driven organization committed to motivating, rewarding and
celebrating our FIVE SHARED VALUES , viz: Equity of opportunities for all; Teamwork Hardwork Integrity; and Continuous learning.

Our clear goal is to prepare our students with regard to academic readiness for university , vocational and entrepreneurial readiness for
productive career , and leadership readiness ..

Our students acquire a strong foundation for personal leadership in their own lives, as well as the habits of mind and behaviours that would make them leaders of others.

They are trained to be self-reliant, critical thinkers and
problem solvers.


Our VITAL SIGNS (listed below) enable us to  monitor our students’ growth and development  into well-rounded citizens and future leaders:

Continuous Academic Growth:
- Proficiency in all subjects
- Closing the achievement and
accelerating learning for all students

Academic Tenacity:
- Self-responsibility, self-discipline and initiative
- Critical thinking and problem solving

Socio-Emotional Resiliency:
- Acquisition of 21st Century skills
- Responsible student and
- Goal-orientation, optimistic outlook, and community service


As practitioners, we are committed to
continuous improvement of our professional practices because they are the preconditions for higher levels of student achievement.

Our four pillars (listed below) are our building blocks; they define the capabilities we need and must develop to ensure success for all
students, without exception:

- Culturally Responsive Teaching,
Learning and Accelerated Interventions

- Safe Climate and Strong
Relationships with Families and Community

- Professional Learning, Collaboration and Accountability
- Data-driven Continuous Improvement

Our students receive state-of-the art training in a number of vocational/technical fields, including Catering Craft Practices, Electrical Installation Maintenance Work, Painting
Decorating, Animal Husbandry, Woodwork & Carpentry, Music, Cosmetology, Photography,
Fashion, Events Planning & Management, Barbing, Make-Up Artistry, Video Editing,
Sound Engineering and Graphic Design.

UEC College has highly qualified and
experienced teachers equipped to take the Nigerian curriculum and all British Council Examinations. Our college shares with parents at visiting and opening days the high
expectations for our children and for this end we provide a challenging, stimulating and relevant curriculum.

UEC College is accredited by the British Council to conduct Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) . We provide support to our students for admission and placements<br>
into U.K Universities and Colleges through UCAS ( Universities and College Admission Services), which is the world's largest central
admission service for higher education.

We provide high quality education in a safe & and nurturing learning environment

Critical thinking and problem-solving

UEC College is accredited by the British Council to conduct Cambridge International & Examinations

Vocational and entrepreneurial readiness for productive career
Vocational and entrepreneurial readiness for productive career

Vocational and entrepreneurial readiness for productive career
Vocational and entrepreneurial readiness for productive career

Our students receive state-of-the art training in a number of vocational fields

UEC College also collaborates with reputable & overseas university placement agents in Nigeria, who are linked with several universities in the UK, USA and Canada.

We want to encourage all parents and guardians to grab this ultimate opportunity today

Together, we can do great things and leave behind a lasting legacy by making a big difference to the lives of many.

Bring your child today! You will be glad you did.


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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Customer Service Officer In Marcel Group Of Companies

Marcel Group of Companies is one of Nigeria's largest privately owned, home grown enterprises.

The group has a diverse portfolio
of companies that is supported by a strong workforce whose objectives are to assist its clients to achieve their growth aspirations by providing intelligent Engineering Services in
the Oil and Gas sector, Strategy Blueprint in Logistics and Haulage and Estate Management; delivering expertise and business operation improvement capabilities for a better tomorrow.

Marcel Group of Companies is recruiting to fill the position
Job Title: Customer Service Officer

Location: Lagos

Job Descriptions
• Customer invoice enquiries

• Attend to mail communications- ensure prompt and effective communication .

Ensure clear differentiation between internal correspondence and external correspondence.

• Handling of customer’s complaints and ensure corrective actions are initiated, thus preventing that same mistakes happening again.

• Act as in-house sales back-up.

• Ensure arrival notices are sent timely.

• Customer database management.

• Handling customer enquiries and issues for segmented and non-segmented customers.

• Inter and intra department coordination.

Special Skills Required
• Communication and probing skills.

• Reporting writing / reporting skills.

• Ability to multi-task

• Excellent IT skills.

• Problem solving skills

• Inter Personal skills.

• Candidates must possess HND or B.Sc in any Science or Social Science related discipline.

Method of Application
Interested and qualified candidates should send their resume to:

Closing Date: 12th September, 2016

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Important Factors To Be Considered Before Naming A Business

There are a lot of benefit in naming your business, but before you name your business, there are Factors to be considered which you will find below

Remember >> The Importance Of Business Registration

* Nature of your business

* Types of goods/services to         produce.

* The environment of the business

* The name should comply with necessary requirements of CAC

* The name should be attractive and appealing

* The name should be easy to vocalize

Don't Forget>> Entrepreneurs 4 Online Business You Can Do To Make Money Easily

All this are necessary for an entrepreneur to consider before naming a business. Now what other things do you think should be put in consideration in naming a business?

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Entrepreneurs: 4 Online Business You Can Do To Make Money Easily

Yes you heard me right! I said easily because there is absolutely nothing impossible as far as you are ready and committed to.

If you love what you do and have passion for, you will see how how easy it is to achieve your goals, when you love the business you do, I see no reason why you will not make it. Mathias of zealmat love what he do and today he is making it really big. Kennedy of kingsweb who has been our regular guest on this blog also a big example. How about Jide ogbongeblog and Abas of IncomeWeb? They have all proven to be an inspiration to many bloggers including myself and other host of bloggers in Nigeria and the world in general.

When I started this blog sometimes back, my primary aim was just to have fun, because I love having fun especially online, it was a bit header because I was totally a novice, but because I love doing it, I did the needful and today the story is different because I'm not where I was yesterday.

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Enough of the story, let us get straight to the point.

4 Online Business You Can Do Make Money Easily.

Bellow I will list 4 online business you can do to make your money, but does not necessarily mean they are the only one. You can do more research to know what work best for you, the interesting part of it is that you can learn most this online

             1) Graphic designer
             2) Article writing
             3) Information marketing
             4) Affiliate marketing

1) Graphic designer: Graphic designer has to do with creativity and with the increase number of online businesses, the demand for logo cover and other graphic related products is very high. If you play game well, then the sky will be your starting point.

2 Article writing:  The demand for original article by online journal for products and services increase day by day, if you are well equip in the field then you are the millionaire your family have been waiting for. You can equally render the services to the host of clients on fivver and make more money.

3) Information marketing: WHAT IS INFORMATION MARKETING?
Information marketing simply means selling information. But this time you are selling it at a price. For example what you are reading
right now is an information product. Do you have access to important information? Do you have information that could be a solution to people's problem? If your answer is yes, then this may be your dream bus, giving out those information in form of ebook to those who need it will fetch you a whole lot of money.

4) Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-
based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts. In this case, as an affiliate marketers, you stand as a middleman between the buy and sellers, and at the end of every successful business by a client that come through you, some % will swing into your bank account.

Although Affiliate marketing have in the past proven to be a bit difficult especially in Nigeria, but today it's one of the best and easy way to make money online, all you need is the right information and you are good to go.

So tell us your finding. What has been able to work for you online? Share the experience.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

7 Questions You should Ask Yourself As An Entrepreneur

I sat somewhere today and started having a flashback my journey so far as an entrepreneur, I found out some real life facts that if I don’t give the right answer to, might ruin me in the long run. i decided to share this
thought with you.

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Every entrepreneur must take a look at these 7 questions. But, before you scroll down to the question I want you to slowly read the next paragraph.

What is your definition of success and how has it become a reality for you?

Tough question huh, oh yes it is because everyone truly want to succeed and we all have our
different definition of success. You must have heard the folks in the self-motivational market talking about living a balanced life, right!;
answering the 7 questions will help you to achieve that but unfortunately I cannot do it for you, the best that I can do is to guide you through. This question is not only needed by
entrepreneurs, the non-entrepreneurs are not. exempted from it; though they might not need. the entire question because one or two of the
question deals directly with the entrepreneurs.

This was how I came about the 7 top
questions to ask you as an entrepreneur. I was looking at entrepreneurs and their business, in
the course of that I became confused as to how can entrepreneurs succeed with all the demands on our lives; then some questions started coming up. When I finally came to the last question I realize the flow of need for answers to this questions and
how the answers can greatly improve the lives of entrepreneurs out there. even if the questions look so simple to you, just try and give a honest answer to each of the questions
and you will see the changes it going to make for you..

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Without much talk, let’s find out the 7 top questions that you must answer as an entrepreneur..

1): How are you?
2): How is your family?
3): How is your customer’s perception to your business brand?
4): How are your staffs fairing?
5): How is your business marketing
6): How are your competitors
7): Who is your next successor?

You may be surprise that I did not even mention products or services in the list, yes the reason is because I will not even call you an entrepreneur in the first place if you don’t
have a product or service. I chose not to elaborate the question because
I really want you to have a rethink about the question and find an answer to the question on your own.

I will write a post on each of the
question as we move on.

I want to ask you a question.
What do you think about this list, does it have any influence on an entrepreneur?

How has the question really influence you?

Please send your answer to the comment box below for the community to learn more about this 7 top question that every entrepreneur must answer.

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Design Your Personal Branding Strategy in 10 Steps

Your personal brand communicates your value to the world -- not only to potential employers, but to everyone. It is essential today for personal development, career advancement and even establishing yourself
as a leader.

Expressing who you are, what you
do and why you do it will help you position yourself for success and open doors of opportunity.

Today, much of personal branding is done through your online presence, which often means your social media accounts. But before jumping to Instagram to post a couple of
pictures that you think “represent” you, take a few steps back.

Developing a strong personal
brand won’t happen overnight.
Having a professional purpose, practicing your writing, understanding your competition,
utilizing social media (not just on Facebook)-- these are only a number of steps to take to build your brand.

Take a look at these 10 steps to help you strategize building your best personal brand.

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Saturday, August 6, 2016

7 Important Reasons Why You Should Register Your Business

Before I start giving us some of the important reason for the registration of your business, let me quickly ask you this HONEST question, and I'll love if you  can provide an honest answer at end of this article.

Q? Would you trust a total stranger/ghost with your valuable property? 

Dealing with a non-registered business is just like dealing with ghost and can be very risky as they can decide to move away without trace.

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No sane person will have any business deal with you without properly research about your business to ensure he/she is on a safer side..

When you’re a new business owner, Bloggers are not exempted, every Penny you spend has to provide a return on your investment. One of those expenses is the registration of your company. While it may be
one of those expenses that seem largely unnecessary during the beginning stages of your business.

Bellow are the 7 reasons why you should register your business.

1) Protecting your assets
Starting a business may be a dream but losing your personal assets that support you and your family are a reality and that reality could turn in to a nightmare if your business
doesn’t work out, you maybe sued, or another unforeseen financial loss. By registering your business, your business assets and liabilities
are separated from each other. There are many other reasons to incorporate but for the protection of your family, this may be the most important.

2) Do you sell a product?
So you invented a revolutionary new product and you’re selling your product all over the world to tens of thousands of people. Your business seems to be on its way to greatness
but then, something in your product causes injury to some of your customers and as a result, lawsuits and product recalls abound and almost overnight, you’ve maxed out your insurance coverage and lawsuits are threatening to bankrupt your company. This is yet another real world example of why the
protection of your business registration is a must.

3) Do you need money?
If you are seeking private equity, you must be registered as a business. Investors want the protection of incorporation as well as a
defined exit strategy which is defined in some of your incorporation documents. Venture
capitalists prefer to fund actual corporations since corporations can later become publically traded.

4) Want big name business?
Companies large and small prefer to work with subcontractors because they don’t have to pay employee benefits. What they don’t want
to do is have long term contracts with individuals since the line dividing a contractor and an employee is blurred when the
individual isn’t an actual registered company.
Should you be passed over for a contract that could define your first year because you didn’t spend a couple of hundred dollars to register
your business?

5). Bank account – A business must be registered before a corporate bank account can be opened for that business. The advantage of having a corporate bank account is separation of business funds from personal
funds which is fundamental for any business owner that seeks to make progress with the business venture.

6). Financing – Businesses will need financing at different stages of their growth in form of grants, loans, investments etc. Financiers will
always prefer more established and duly registered entities especially for small or start-up businesses. They would want to see some form of structure in place of which
registration is crucial foundation.

7) Contract bids – Registration is usually an important eligibility criteria for contract bids in most public and private institutions. There
are several other criteria such as up-to-date annual and tax returns but these cannot even be achieved without first having the business

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Registering your business is best left to a business registration service who has experience with the required paperwork needed. This will streamline the process and allow your company to be registered as
quickly as possible.

It’s an investment that doesn’t appear to have a direct return on investment but much like
insurance, it’s necessary for the protection of you, your family, and any partners who may be
associated with your business.

These are the few among the many reasons why you should register your business. NEXT IS REQUIREMENT FOR BUSINESS REGISTRATION.


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Do You Have A Proven Track Record In Business Development? Hop In

Job Title: Head of Business Development in Downstream Petroleum Sector

Location: Nigeria

Job Descriptions
• Dynamic, entrepreneurial driven Head of Business Development is required to drive aggressive business growth and revenue generation strategy.

• Must have a proven successful track record of delivering against board level business revenue targets in a performance driven environment, set business plan and keep
updates on progress.

• He/she will be responsible for ensuring that all our business development and sales revenue targets set by the board are met.

• Must have proven relationship with
government parastatals such as NNPC, PPMC, DPR, PPPRA, etc;

• Must have proven relationship with
International Commodities trading companies (Oil), international oil companies' (IOC) & major Petroleum marketing companies must understand trade terms for international transactions including pricing & contracts;

• Must understand how to initiate and conclude international trades.

Qualification and Experience
• B.Sc or M.Sc. degree in either Business, Engineering or relevant subject.

• MBA or Post graduate business degree in Marketing will be a strong advantage

• Must have 15 years' experience working in business development role in the Oil & Gas Sector. 3 years must have been at senior

Method of Application
Interested and qualified candidates should submit their Application to:

subject heading on the
email MUST be the position you are applying for.

Note: Only successful candidates will be contacted.

Closing Date: 5:00pm; 9th August, 2016

Nothing is impossible, just try out.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Mr Kingsley On The key Roles For Business Success

Myself and my friends Mr Kingsley was in attendance at a get together of a small but focused business organization.

At the event, Mr Kingsley highlighted on the key rules that should be implemented by any Entrepreneur to stand out in the business world. He also emphasis on the Business Relationship between members and none members of the organization for the betterment of the association and the society in general.

The rules which he explain bellow, according to his are very important and charge all the members to ensure proper implementation for the growth of their businesses.

Remember >> The key roles of entrepreneurs in the society

He  mentioned

1) Honesty
2) loyalty
3) Determination/Willingness
4) Focus

1)  Honesty : He talks about honesty in the sense that you should be truthful in your business and those it concerns, as this this alone have the tendency to take your business to the next level.

2) loyalty. He said another rule that should be implemented is loyalty, loyalty as we all know play a vital role in business, always keep to your words, though as human, we prone to mistake but we should make it a habit.

3) Determination/Willingness: To be successful in any business, you must be determine and go all out to succeed.

4) Focus: Another important rule is the need for one to be focus on that which you know how to do better. Going into many business at the same time have a great chance of making you lose focus as the popular says has been jack of all trade is master of non. He concluded by giving them the important of business Relationship and challenging all business owners to build a strong business relationship for the success of their businesses.

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Monday, August 1, 2016

Entrepreneurs And Their Key Roles In The Society

The question of who entrepreneur is, is already known to some people but for clarity sake, we are going to give a brief definition of the term.


An entrepreneur is a starter. An entrepreneur is an initiator, a challenger and a driver.
Someone that creates something new, either an initiative, a business or a company. He or she is the beginning (and sometimes the end)
of a venture, project or activity. The
entrepreneur might not be the ideator, but he or she is definitely the one that decides to make that idea a reality.

Having known who entrepreneur is, let's highlights on the key roles they play in the society.

Entrepreneurs are not the only ones who benefit when they start businesses. Although job creation is one of the most important contributions they make to society, it's certainly not the only one.

Remember >> The Six Cheapest Way To Market Your Business

Entrepreneurs can play important roles in their communities,
particularly when they turn their energies to philanthropy and innovation.

1) Help Wanted
Entrepreneurs not only create jobs for
themselves but for other people in their communities. Although new business owners might start their businesses with only one or
two employees, those numbers increase as the company grows. The cumulative effect of multiple small business start-ups creates a
significant impact when it comes to job creation. In some countries, that impact is evident when you look at employment statistics. The U.S. Small Business Administration reports that small firms
created 63 percent of the net new jobs from mid-2009 till date

2) Support for the Economy
Entrepreneurs not only create jobs in their own companies but also contribute to improving their local economies. When people are
employed, they spend money in local
businesses, such as clothing stores and restaurants, which keeps those businesses flourishing. The new company establishes relationships with suppliers, vendors and other
companies and spends money purchasing good and services from those companies. The
existence of a new company can encourage others to open businesses in the same area, which in turn spurs new job creation.

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3) Giving Back
Entrepreneurs contribute to their communities with their charitable contributions. In some cases, entrepreneurs start businesses that
focus equally on profit and charitable goals.
For example, a financial company might start a program that provides loans to low-income female business owners. Some entrepreneurs don’t restrict their charitable activities to providing money but work directly with
organizations. A survey of 146 entrepreneurs
conducted by Harris Interactive and Ernst & Young revealed that 90 percent of entrepreneurs surveyed give money to charity and 70 percent donate their time. Because
entrepreneurs are often experts at finding resources and funding and marketing their products, they can provide invaluable advice
to nonprofit organizations.

4) It's Brand New
The freedom from corporate rules and regulations can free entrepreneurs to create new products that benefit society. The telephone, invented by Thomas Edison,
profoundly changed people’s lives when it was invented. The computers many of us can’t live without wouldn’t exist if not for entrepreneurs
like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Although entrepreneurs can succeed with tried-and-true business models, it’s often innovation that sets them apart from competitors whose
employees might not have the same passion for finding new solutions to problems.

Over to you, as an entrepreneur, what are your impact in the society of today. You can use the comment section in answering this question. Do not skip

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Friday, July 29, 2016

Six Cheapest Ways To Market Your Business

Have you seen any business without a competitor today? there may be some, but sooner or later someone will clone that business. One factor that helps businesses to sustain their brand and position is their
investment in advertising their business.

Now let me show you, how well it is for your business to been advertise?,

Do you know that potential customers will not look for you,
because they have enough choice to choose from?.

Your competitor will never care and they are not suppose to care about you if you don't rise to market your business.
I often see a lot of business being run with poor marketing, only for the owners to close shop at the end of the day with the claim that
the business is not viable; while another business owner running the same type of business get more and more customers everyday.

How can that be? the answer is
found in marketing.

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The growth of you business is not dependent on your customers as supposed, it is dependent on your marketing. If you fail at this, be rest assured that you will not grow,
that is if you don’t close chop soon; unless you are the only one running that type of business around you.

Below are ways that you can market your business without costing you much

1) Referral
Referral is just like the online version of paid review, how does this promote your business?
when someone speaks about your business to others, often to their friends, it is a way of referring your business to them. I have visited
many website on the internet not because I knew them, but through other site i was able to find those businesses. More often, before i
take a step to buy a product, my first lookout is to find someone that can give me a referral.

2) Blogging
Blog is surly the cheapest way to make your marketing moves though, it might be time consuming , so you can employ someone to manage that for you if you don’t have the time. Personally, blogging is not only the
cheapest way to market your business, it is also another means of generating more revenue for your business

3) Use of Forums
Forums are not meant for socializing alone. You can create content that points to your business and services (because many forum
boards do not allow direct advertising).

Forums provides one of the cheapest way to market your business through your active posting. This also includes the use of social network available to you.

4) Customers Service
Your customers service is what your loyal customers will likely tell your potential customers. This is where I think many small business are missing out. Strong customer
service promotes business faster. Word of mouth can easily be said to be the best form of marketing

5) Website
Websites are good point of sale in terms of marketing. Sales may not equal marketing but
sales cannot be more than marketing, since I believe that you are not the only one running
such business in the world.

6) Affiliate Program
Affiliate programs shouldn’t be news to you because it is the bane of today’s Internet driven world for the big business. Every successful online business that I have seen so
far all run affiliate programs including the largest commercial website (Amazon).

If you are running an online business with great product, it is necessary for you to create an affiliate program for you users to refer your

HOT = Reason Why You Should Adverse Your Business

With all this tools available to you, how often have you use it for you business marketing?
the reason why I said the above mentioned points are the cheapest way to market your business is that, you can easily start it on your own without the compulsive need of ad
agents or other third party ads company.

My advice to you today is this, use the cheapest marketing tools today to market your business.
Have you used any of this marketing tools before, share your experience.

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Sunday, July 24, 2016

5 Reliable E-commerce Website To Buy Your Products In Nigeria

Buying a product online can be very risky especially in the area of getting the exact quality you asked for. Some E-commerce website in the past have been found to be scam but the under listed ones are amount the reliable E-commerce you buy your products online.

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1) Jumia Nigeria :
Jumia is an Ecommerce website that offers a wide range of products such as Mobile phones, Laptops, Accessories , Fashion Items , Beauty
items , Kitchen Utensils and lots more. Jumia was founded in 2012 by two Nigerians , Tunde Kehinde and Raphael Afaedor. Later on ,
Rocket internet bought a huge stake in the company , making them the recognised owner of the business. Visit Jumia

2) :
Konga was founded in 2012 by Simdul Shagaya, a highly influential figure in Nigeria’s tech scene. It is an E-commerce  website that offers a wide variety of products such as electronics , home appliances ,
fashion , and even automobiles. Till date , Konga has received over $35million from investors , and a lot of the money was spent
building their logistics and brand reputation.
Visit Konga

3) Yudala :
Yudala was founded in 2015 , and has emerged as an online and retail chain with the concrete ambition of becoming the market leader in trade and commerce on the
continent. Just like Jumia & Konga ,
has a wide range of products such as mobile phones , laptops , and other home appliances.
Visit Yudala

4) Payporte
Payporte was launched in 2012 and is an online retail store that has its headquarters in Nigeria and is also present in five other African countries including Ghana, Kenya, South
Africa, Egypt and Morocco.

Payporte’s mission is to become Africans number one online retail store. It takes care of a wide range of consumers needs in various categories like furniture, fashion and
accessories for children, men and women, electronics, home appliances, footwear, gadgets, bedding and a lot more.
Payporte offers its shoppers and customers a variety of payment options, prompt delivery,
discounts and good prices and good customer care experience.
Visit pAyport

Remember>> The Significance Of Business Relationship

Adiba is one of the best online platforms in Nigeria though they are currently doing maintenance on the site. Adiba offers a variety of products and goods from various categories such as
electronics, Kids items, sports and fitness goods, power products, home appliances, recharge cards and more.

Adiba offers the following features, affordable prices on various goods, flexible payment options, flexible delivery system, convenient return policy and a great shopping experience.
Visit Adiba

Don't forget to research more on the above listed E-commerce website for more details.

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Friday, July 22, 2016



Check part 1 and part 2

"What the mind can conceive and consider it can achieve " NAPOLEAN HILLA

Continually picture achievement, irrespective of how badly matters seem to be going in the mean time.

If you can imagine it you can own it. If you can dream it you can grow to be it. If you can envision it, you can gain it, if you can photograph it you can obtain it.

A whole lot of people fail to understand their purpose in life due to the fact they fail to picture their future well. To prevail you should  continuously see yourself succeeding within the midst of hassle. Your capability to peer yourself attaining your goals. along with your inner eyes will create a strong preference to go all out to achieve face of impossibility. friends those who permit their hassle to forestall them from succeeding are people who in no way see themselves capable of making it. The best component that inspire and encourage you to constantly observe your goal is to maintain searching on the future. You must usually believe yourself engaging in your set goal. You should see it earlier than you may get it. it's said that, if you can see it you can get it.

Read also Business Motivation part 1 and part 2

NAPOLEON HILLS stated what a mind can conceived and believe it could gain it.

Arise and image yourself an achievement. it's feasible, your capacity to peer your self attaining your intention through your inner mind

Eyes will pressure your preference to satisfy your purpose.. Start now, I mean now

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